Lolita Malice[NxC] So Sparkle and Believe (miyo_chan) wrote in mrhypochondria,
Lolita Malice[NxC] So Sparkle and Believe

Nicky has a sharky grin
he cleans it with bombay gin
hes such a tall and clever man
sipping on his babycham
nickys not an alcaholic
its just this song is so shambolic

Nicky likes Jahouli
he does love him truley
he steals his little spotted skin
to make a coat to bumdance in
he does this in front of Sean
who wishes he'd never been born
because he can't stand the sight
of little Nicky's bum so white

Oh Nicky wear your boa
and prance around the stage
your front lawn I would mow-a
but I don't think i could stand your rage


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