flyandrun (flyandrun) wrote in mrhypochondria,

Nicky's Secret Wire Society

A society dedicated to anything Nicky Wire related....can just be random crap about why Nicky Wire is the greatest man in the fact, yes, i want your random crap about why you love him. Might even put up some Nicky Wire News, when i hear of any....

so go on, you know you want to talk about Babycham, leopardprint, hoovering and slagging off dull indie bands.... ;)

  • Nicky Wire Esq.

    I typed in "moussaka cooking, hoovering, self-deprecative, leopardprint wearing rocker that is approaching his 40s" and got this come up. Yay :D I…

  • (no subject)

    Nicky has a sharky grin he cleans it with bombay gin hes such a tall and clever man sipping on his babycham nickys not an alcaholic its just this…

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